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Can’t decide on which stethoscope to buy?  Which one fits your needs?  What about the features? Price?

We feel your pain and offer a solution.

It gets better:

Get real feedback from actual people who use them.  No advertiser jargon.  Real reviews from real people.

Find out what it’s like to own one before you buy it.  Get the best stethoscope that meets your needs!

Here’s the kicker…

Most Stethoscope reviews are typically copied from the manufactures websites.

Or worse, they don’t even list any con’s, just the pro’s to upsell.

Can you imagine a detailed review that covers…

  • Features.  What the product does
  • Who should get this type of stethoscope and why
  • Benefits.  What the scope has to offer
  • Practical Details.  Weight, Acoustic Features, Tube Length, Warranty, Ear Tips
  • Pro’s and Con’s
  • Summary of actual Customer Reviews.

That’s exactly what you’ll find here.

No upsell either!

We break down the reviews in different categories.  Your specific needs.  Your specific stethoscope requirements. And the best stethoscope brands.


The Best Stethoscope Reviews For Your Specific Needs in 7 Simple Categories

Littmann Classic ii Pediatric Stethoscope Rainbow1.  Stethoscope Reviews For Nurses:  The Backbone of Healthcare.

Find the best stethoscope for nurses with these 5 things to help you pick the right nurse stethoscope. I couldn’t believe that I needed to keep in mind that….

2.  Stethoscope Reviews for Doctors:  The Pride of Medicine.

Doctors are called upon to do amazing things.  Heal and save lives.  The need of an accurate assessment is crucial in this endeavor.

3.  Stethoscope Reviews for Nursing Students:  The Next Generation.

What an exciting time.  Beginning a career that is very rewarding.  You’re going to be the one to perform all the tasks that makes health care so amazing.

4.  Stethoscope Reviews for Veterinarians:  Taking Care of Our Pets.

Provide top quality pet care with a veterinary stethoscope. You can’t ask your patients what’s wrong with them.  You have to find it out all on your own.  These 5 insanely simple things will ensure innovative auscultation. Find out what’s important

5.  Stethoscope Reviews for EMT:  Protecting Us 24/7.

EMTs and Paramedics work in some of the harshest conditions.  In the rain, dirt, crushed cars, and tight quarters in the back of a loud ambulance.  You need to hear, it’s that simple.

6.  Stethoscope Reviews for Medical Students:  A True Journey.

What a journey you are about to undertake.  Years of learning.  Dedicated to knowing all that you can.  You’re the ones the patients look to for answers.  The responsibility is unlike any other.

7.  Stethoscope Reviews for Hearing Impaired: Don’t Let it Stop You.

Auscultate with hearing loss again! Stethoscope for hearing impaired are for medical professionals who need to hear sounds clear and crisp again with….



Specific Stethoscope Needs: The Top 10 Types of Stethoscopes

Stethoscope HeadWe all have our own unique needs.  That’s what makes us so different.  One type of stethoscope may work for your friend but not for your.  Take their input, but don’t rely on it.  Find out for yourself.

1.  Electronic Stethoscope Reviews

The capabilities of these phenomenal tools is just unbelievable.  Record the sounds for future comparison, instruction, and further evaluation.  The ability to amplify at over 100 times is unheard of.  You’ll no longer have problems of not hearing the faintest heart murmur.

2.  Amplified Stethoscope Reviews

An amplified stethoscope will make hearing 20x better! Insanely simple tips on stethoscopes that amplify sound so that you can hear clearly. Electronic or3.  Digital Stethoscope Reviews

4.  Veterinary Stethoscope Reviews

Provide top quality pet care with a veterinary stethoscope. These 5 insanely simple things will ensure innovative auscultation. Find out what’s important…

5.  Cardiology Stethoscope Reviews

How can you not mention the Littmann Cardiology iii under this category.  Confirm your heart murmurs with a simple but effective tool… the cardiologist stethoscope.

6.  Pediatric Stethoscope Reviews

Using a pediatric stethoscope is perfect for those that work with young children. You get the best results and you won’t get frustrated. With unique features, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

7.  Infant Stethoscope Reviews

Listening to a little one’s heartbeat or lung sounds are difficult as it is. They squirm around and love to cry just when you want to hear. An adult stethoscope just doesn’t get the job done. Make sure to use one specifically designed for those little ones!

8.  Fetal Stethoscope Reviews

A fetal stethoscope is specifically designed to hear your babies heart. Use this definitive guide to listen to the heart rate at home, simple steps that…

9.  Hearing Impaired Stethoscope Reviews

Auscultate with hearing loss again! Stethoscope for hearing impaired are for medical professionals who need to hear sounds clear and crisp again with….

10.  Doppler Stethoscope Reviews

As future parents, we love to hear our babies heartbeat in the womb. It’s soothing to us and reassures us about the babies health. These types of stethoscopes are great for this!


Good Stethoscope Brands: Staying With Tradition

Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope DiaphragmWe take a hard look at each of the manufacturers.  If you are swayed by a certain stethoscope brand, you can easily see their best.

1.  Littmann Stethoscope Reviews

The mainstay of stethoscopes.  Whenever someone says “which stethoscope should I get?” this name is always in the conversation.  Click here to take a look to see why a Littmann stethoscope is always recommended.

2.  Ultrascope Reviews

Wow!  Each Ultrascope is hand painted.  No mass production here.  These Ultrascope reviews are straight up and no nonsense.

3.  Welch Allyn Stethoscope Reviews

Quality.  A Welch Allyn stethoscope is known for it’s quality.

4.  MDF Stethoscope Reviews



Let’s Recap:  The Best Stethoscope Reviews

There’s alot of misleading and confusing stethoscope reviews out there.

We got just as frustrated as you trying to sort through it all.

So we did something about it.

We’ve put this together for you.

If we overlooked something, please let us know.  We want to provide the best stethoscope review guide… period.

We appreciate you taking the time to go through all of this.

Now, we need your help.

Share it now with your friends and co-workers.

Thanks for all you help.


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