Review: Top 4 of the Best Pediatric Stethoscopes

pediatric stethoscopeThe Best Pediatric Stethoscopes 2019

1. 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

The Littmann pediatric stethoscope is our top choice pediatric stethoscope, and most highly rated by users. It is expertly designed for use with small children, but due to it’s quality it is also on the higher price end. This has become the go-to stethoscope for most paediatricians and healthcare professionals in paediatrics.

It is one of the few paediatric stethoscopes that is also sufficient for infant use.

The reviewers found it easy to use with high quality sounds. It was easy to distinguish a variety of sounds in a moderately noisy location. The quality of the acoustics was one of the best of any we tried, nearly as good as the Welch Allyn in #4, but at a more affordable price.

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2. MDF Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope

 The MDF pediatric stethoscope is offered at a great price, but problems became apparent after a little moderate use. It became difficult to hear differences in the acoustics and eventually led to being unable to hear at all without holding the tubing to keep it from curling.

The MDF is an attractive stethoscope, but the problems in using after a short amount of time placed it lower on the list of workable products for children’s healthcare professionals. This is a decent stethoscope for the lower price range.

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3. Ultrascope Pediatric Stethoscope

The Ultrascope is one of the most kid-friendly pediatric stethoscopes we reviewed. It offers bright colors and is extremely light weight. It will make even the ost fearful child more comfortable with an examination. The acoustics are amazingly good for the moderate price, but it is a one-sided diaphragm and requires pressure changes to get varying sounds.

This is probably not one of the most durable constructions, but it seems to be easy to tuck away. It is a great budget-conscious option.

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4. Welch-Allyn-Harvey Elite Pediatric Stethoscope

 The Welch-Allyn-Harvey pediatric stethoscope offers the highest quality acoustics of all the stethoscopes we reviewed. However it seemed very clunky when first handled, weighing more than the Littmann and MDF models.  due to the clunkiness it was difficult to tuck away in a loose pocket. It is an expensive stethoscope, but the quality of acoustic is unparalleled, and it is built to outlast your career.

One downsied was that it only comes in black, unlike most other paediatric scopes. It does not have the benefit of striking the curiosity of a child with a colorful stethoscope.

The Welch Allyn Harvey Elite usually comes with both an adult and paediatric head, so once you invest in it you can use it for all age ranges.

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Pediatric Stethoscope Value

There are all types of stethoscopes available, but finding the right one at the right price requires a little research. Below are a few of the finer points to ponder when seeking the best pediatric stethoscope for the price.

Finding the best pediatric stethoscope is tough.

Any healthcare professional in the pediatric arena will tell you that not all medical equipment will work for smaller patients.

It is impossible to use some items that are built to scale for a full-grown adult body. Pediatric stethoscopes need to be smaller in diameter where it counts: the diaphragm.

It is not easy to find a product that delivers as promised. These reviews will help you narrow down the best options so that you can make the right choice for your profession.


Budget restrictions for anyone seeking to purchase a pediatric stethoscope vary widely.  A pediatric doctor will generally have a larger budget to play with than a student or nurse.

A quality pediatric stethoscope should have all of the desired features without costing a fortune. Being able to upgrade to a more expensive model is fine, but true value comes from providing a good stethoscope at a reasonable price.

Pediatric Sizing

Trying to listen to the small chest of a child and an adult require two different designed instruments.

The bell and diaphragm must be smaller to be able to separate out one internal noise from another. A quality pediatric stethoscope will take this into account and make sure the product is designed to hear the sounds of the smaller patient.

The chest piece should be smaller and less intimidating in looks.

Reduce Fear

Most children have a fear of going to the doctor while they are small. The offices are scary looking with all sorts of equipment they do not know or understand.

Often thoughts of recent immunizations come to mind and the child can start feeling a great deal of anxiety.

The smaller size of a well-designed pediatric stethoscope will help a child feel more at ease. The chest piece needs to be made with a chill free material so that a child will not pull away.

Clarity of Acoustics

The acoustics with a good pediatric stethoscope need to be made with clarity in mind. It is often noisy dealing with a smaller patient and the doctor or nurse needs to be able to hear.

Poor acoustic quality can mean missing critical information when trying to make a diagnosis. The ear piece should be designed for comfort and a solid fit.


Healthcare professionals are always on the go and stethoscopes end up finding their way into pockets or shoved in desk drawers to get them out of the way.

The construction of a quality pediatric stethoscope needs to be flexible and able to stand up to rigorous daily use.

Colorful and Interesting Item for Kids

The more a pediatric stethoscope can be viewed as a possible toy, the more comfortable a small child will be to let a doctor or nurse listen to the chest, back or stomach.

The pediatric stethoscope tube should be colorful and inviting. It becomes a very valuable and useful tool in treating children.

Finding the best option means considering the importance of the available features. You are sure to find one that matched both budget and need.

Best Pediatric Stethoscope Reviews

1. 3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope

The Littmann pediatric stethoscope is well-designed for smaller patients and comfort for daily use. It is available in a variety of colors and offers excellent acoustics with the dual sided chill free chest piece. The diaphragm, bell and smaller 3.3cm chestpiece are the perfect size to pick up distinctly different sounds in smaller areas.

The Littmann pediatric stethoscope is lightweight and easy to stow away in a pocket without being damaged. The total weight is approximately one pound. It comes securely packaged so that it is in perfect condition for first and continued use.

The benefits of the Littmann Classic Pediatric Stethoscope are:

  1. Durability
  2. Moderate pricing
  3. True pediatric patient sizing
  4. Excellent acoustics
  5. Color choices
  6. Dual sideed chestpiece

Thinks We Liked:

Things we did not like:

What a wonderful stethoscope! I’m a pediatric nurse and have used this on babies and kids up to 8 years old. The clear sound is amazing and it is easy to distinguish one from another. It has gone down in price some since my purchase, but it is worth the money! I have 1 other Littmann and I can tell you they last. The tubing still looks new and I am using the first earpieces after all this time. I highly recommend! ~ TX

I ordered this for my wife, who is a pediatric cardiologist and an expert on proper pediatric equipment. She says the quality is superior and she will not use any other stethoscope product. She is excited about continuing to help children with the best equipment that can be found. ~ CA

2. MDF Dual Head Pediatric Stethoscope

The MDF pediatric stethoscope is at a great price, but there are a few drawbacks when it comes to heavy use. The neck and earpiece tends to tangle, leaving it a mess to straighten with each use. Hearing sounds is nearly impossible when it is tangled.

The quality seems great, but it makes it difficult to have it function as desired. The color choices are more limited than other brands. It does have the chill free rim for small patient comfort. Here is an article showing the importance of making children comfortable with examinations. This is why using the right stethoscope is helpful.

The product is packaged adequately for shipping to avoid damage and is of a lighter weight than some. The tangling makes it difficult to stow away in pockets.

The benefits of the MDF Pediatric Stethoscope are:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Acoustics (when available)
  3. Dual head chestpiece
  4. Chill free rim

Things we liked:

Things we did not like:

I had to purchase a stethoscope for school and it worked great for me. I could hear heart sounds clearly. It was a lot better to listen for blood pressure sounds than the lab models. ~ WI

I ordered this product and found it to work well. It came in a color different than I ordered, but the price was great and I kept it anyway! I love the clock with second hand on the bell. ~ KS

3. Ultrascope Pediatric Stethoscope

The Ultrascope Pediatric stethoscope is in an excellent price range, but is often overlooked because it has a single head chest piece. It is pressure sensitive and offers quality acoustic when you get the placement and pressure right. It is extremely light and easy to put away for later use.

This stethoscope is attractive in color variations for kids and works well for hearing heart and lung sounds in animals. Here is a list of the important parts of an animal health examination, which good working heart and lungs are vital for life.

This product is shipped in a much smaller package than the previous stethoscopes, but it is much lighter in weight and well-protected from damage.

The benefits of the Ultrascope Pediatric Stethoscope are:

  1. Light weight (under 6 ounces)
  2. Good for use with children and animals
  3. Excellent acoustic quality, even in noisy environments
  4. The price is good for the sound quality

Things we liked:

Things we did not like:

I did not receive the right color, but I think that was my fault at checkout. I love how well I can hear through the chaos of the office. The price was very affordable. ~ TX

I work with small animals and have had stethoscopes in the past that were hard for me to get a heartbeat through the animal fur. The Ultrascope made it easy and I will not use any other brand. ~ NJ

4. Welch-Allyn-Harvey Elite Pediatric Stethoscope

The performance of the Welch-Allyn Harvey pediatric stethoscope is great, but the drawbacks are a lack in color choice, weight and price. There is also a lack of chill rim, so keeping the instrument at a tolerable temperature for sensitive or scared children could be an issue.

The acoustics are great in checking heart, lungs and bowel.

The benefits of the Welch-Allyn-Harvey pediatric stethoscope are:

  1. Separate tubes that go to each ear for high quality acoustics
  2. Sized right for pediatric use
  3. Made of very durable materials
  4. Comfort fit for the ears

Things we did like:

Things we did not like:

I found this stethoscope to be of high quality, but the price was pretty high. I was disappointed that the only color available was black, but it has been dependable with all of the use it gets every day! ~ NY

After trying many types of pediatric stethoscopes I found this one to be the best for me. It has the weight I like and works for all situations in pediatric medicine. I have been using this for a few months and still looks like brand new. ~ IL

The Winner

The clear winner of the best pediatric stethoscope roundup is the 3M Littmann Classic II. It is not the least expensive, but delivers tremendous value for the price.

The acoustics are excellent, weight is comfortable and the color variety superb. It works as a professional piece of medical equipment and also serves to draw the interest of the child.

It is important to put a child at ease when a stethoscope has to be used. It is equally important that the stethoscope work well to gather the necessary information about the health of the child.

This product is perfect at doing both.

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