Stethoscope Guides

Trying to find out how to use a stethoscope?  Or learn more about the parts of a stethoscope?  It would be nice to have stethoscope guides, wouldn’t it?

Alot of the info on the web is short on being comprehensive.  It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Here’s the deal…

We’ve researched, analyzed, researched some more, and worked days on putting together some great guides for you.

We also have some great articles that are specific to the relevant use.

It doesn’t end there, we’re also working on some great reviews of individual stethoscopes.

But here’s what you’re looking for…


Stethoscope Guides

How to Keep Your Stethoscope Clean

Keeping your stethoscope clean and in top shape is a must.  Not only will patients not appreciate a dirty, germ covered scope, your coworkers will definitely let you hear about it!

Read this detailed step by step process to ensure your’s is clean as can be.


The Proper Way to Wear a Stethoscope

So exactly what is the right way to insert the earpieces?  We didn’t know at first and we learned the hard way…. not hearing much!

Get a step ahead and take some time on the correct ways to wear yours!


What Makes a Stethoscope Work

Curious on how a stethoscope works?  We were too the first time we got to hear lung sounds.  Kinda crazy hearing inside someone else’s body!

Get all the facts you need right here to understand it all.


The Definition of a Stethoscope

Okay, so what is a stethoscope by the way?  A green student, huh?  Or just someone who wants to learn what it is.

This goes into some insane information and by the end, you’ll have no questions.


How to Properly Use a Stethoscope

Were you ever trained on how to use one?  Or explained how to even wear it properly?

Don’t worry, most haven’t.

We break it down in insanely simple steps.


Where to Listen for Lung Sounds

So you’re just starting out and need to know the proper locations for listening to the lungs. And what are you exactly listening for anyways.

Be assured, this goes into all that in insane detail.


The Parts of a Stethoscope

Really?  Who doesn’t know the parts?  Don’t worry, we didn’t know them when we started in the medical field either, so you’re not alone!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Most know the ear tips, but do you know how to maintain the ear tips? Yes, maintenance is required.
  2. What about the bell?  Or what the bell is used for?  Yes, the bell is used for specific sound frequency.
  3. Did you know there are different types of tubes and change the sound quality?  Yes, it’s true!

Don’t believe us?  Come check it out here.


Stethoscope History

Wondering who invented the stethoscope?  Or how it’s changed over the years?

We had the same questions.

The crazy thing is…

We answered our own questions with a ton of research!

Currently it is being assembled, sorry for the delay.  Yea, it’s disappointing.


Types of Stethoscopes

There’s a ton of stethoscopes out there, but they’re not all the same. Each type is made for a specific purpose.

Find out the different types of stethoscopes and their purposes right here.


Vital Signs

What are the four main crucial vital signs.

Do you know how to take them?

Which one requires a good stethoscope?

Find out right now by clicking here.


Respiratory Assessment

Curious to know proper respiratory care assessment?

We wrote this article with you in mind.

But here’s the kicker…

We’ve include a very simple mnemonic to help you remember it.

Check it out by click on here.


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