Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope Review

Product Name:Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
Brand:3M Littmann
Weight:6.2 ounces
Length:27 inches
Warranty:7 Years
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The Littmann Cardiology IV is one of the newest advancements from Littmann Stethoscopes. It is consistently ranked amongst our top stethoscopes overall in our best stethoscope comparison leagues. It’s not only ideal for those that specialize in cardiology but the first choice for those that value a high quality acoustic stethoscope. It distinctly captures all relevant sound frequencies necessary for high-level Cardiac, Respiratory, and Abdominal auscultations. To see how it compares to other cardiology stethoscopes, such as the Littmann Master Cardiology, click here.

Littmann Cardiology IV: The Features

Littmann Cardiology IVIf you’re looking for a better-than-the-standard or cardiology-grade stethoscope, this one deserves serious consideration. It gives the Littmann Master Cardiology a serious run for its money. This is the next generation stethoscope that has earned high recognition amongst health professionals, and stands out for it’s superior acoustic quality.
The Littmann Cardiology IV range is made in the U.S.A. and has a long-term free-repair and replacement warranty. The craftsmanship is second to none.


Acoustics Features

The new chestpiece design incorporates a tunable diaphragm on each side, one adult and the other pediatric.  The single double-lumen tube carries sound directly to each ear piece, eliminating the need for the traditional double tubes which caused rubbing noise on movement. This allows for an acoustic sound that is more clear and crisp than other models. You’ll have no difficulty picking up grade 2/5 murmurs with the Cardiology IV. The Littmann Cardiology IV vs Master Cardiology are getting close. Littmann will need to revamp the Master Cardiology soon as this one catching up to it.



At a total weight of 6.2 ounces (167 grams), the Littmann Cardiology 4 is lighter in comparison to other Littmann Cardiology stethoscopes. With ths new release Littmann have managed to reduce the overall weight while incorporating huge enhancements.



Littmann Cardiology 4 StethoscopeThis Littmann stethoscope comes with a seven year warranty. Although it does come with some extra parts such as ear pieces, you can pick up Littmann Cardiology IV parts just like other Littmanns. With simple maintenance, the chances of needing to order replacement parts are slim. Of course you can also have the Littmann Technical Assistance assist you if need be.



As common with Littmann, this does come with an extra pair of ear tips. While most users favor the soft sealing ear tips, you can switch them with other styles if you prefer. The tubes on this model come in 22 and 27 inch lengths.  Traditionally, longer tubes were associated with reduced sound quality, but we would argue that in this case the sound-quality of this Cardiology IV model is so high, it makes negligible difference. The next generation latex-free tubing material lasts longer due to its improved resistance to alcohol and skin oils. The headpiece coating comes in Black, Smoke, or Stainless steel finishes. 

Replacement Parts

After a few years the peripheral parts of your stethoscope will start to wear and affect auscultation quality. While the actual stethoscope is still in top condition and will last generations, it’s advised to change parts every 5 years at least. Tiny dents and imperfections on the diaphragms and rubber bands will cause noise artefact and affect the air-tight seal that transmits sound. Changing parts is easy to do at home and the parts are widely available here.

What’s the difference between a Littmann Cardiology IV and Littmann Master Cardiology?

These are both high-calibre stethoscopes from the Littmann Cardiology range, but there are some key differences that greatly change user experience. The Cardiology IV is crafted with a double sided chestpiece with tunable diaphragm on both the bell and diaphragm sides, while the Master Cardiology has a single sided chest piece wth single tunable diaphragm. The Master Cardiology is marginally heavier than Cardiology IV due to the more densly engineered acoustic chestpiece. In terms of acoustic performance, the Master Cardiology has the final edge. We recommend if stuck between the two, to make your choice based on preference of using single or double-sided chestpieces over acoustic perfomance. Ultimately it’s our ability and familiary with the instruments that results in highest performance.


  1. What Littmann Cardiology colors are available?

This model is available in 9 colours and 7 metal finishes. The available colors include black, burgundy, caribbean blue, hunter green, navy blue, plum, and raspberry. View all available colours here.

  1. Is the Littmann Cardiology IV better than the Cardiology III?

Yes, absolutely! The sound generated by the revamped chestpiece diaphragms is amazing. Most users who upgraded also report a significant reduction in external noise while using the IV over III. The tubing is thicker in the new model and more comfortable around the neck. Once we’ve gotten used to using the IV, the acoustics of the III sound particularly dull.

  1. Is the Cardiology 4 for only Cardiologists?

No. EMTs, medical students, and especially nurses have given high reviews for this stethoscope. While most of these healthcare professions don’t need to hear the faintest heart murmurs, it does provide top notch sound quality for every kind of auscultation.

  1. Can I get it engraved?

Yes, there are many specialist engravement services for stethoscopes.  Most jewelers also offer an engravement service. But we must stress that this is at your own risk as it will void the Littmann warranty.  TIP: Stethoscopes retain their re-sale value very well and many health professionals regularly sell their stethscopes when they upgrade. Engraving your stethoscope makes it difficult to sell it second-hand.

5. Does it come with a case?

Littmann does not provide cases with their stethoscopes on purchase, but we agree that a stethoscope of this caliber should be stored in a case to protect it’s longevity and sound quality. We recommend this case, but there are many others available.




Littmann Cardiology IV Review: Should I Get It?

Here’s the kicker… If you need a high quality stethoscope to last you a long time, this one earns top consideration. The sound characteristics are seriously improved over the III and give it a very close acoustic rating to the Master Cardiology. The Littmann Cardiology IV reviews all indicate that there’s nothing on the market that comes close to the new enhancements and the technology that’s put into it. If you are in the market for a cardiology stethoscope, you won’t go wrong with this Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope. This stethoscope has performed the best in our reviews for quality and value for money.

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Once you get used to using this stethoscope all others sound rubbish!

Purchased this to replace my old trusty Littmann Classic II SE that I have used for the past six years. The classic II SE was great but this is a definite step up. The acoustics are fantastic and allow for easy listening even in those towards the more rotund end of the body habitus spectrum. I find the smaller diaphragm on the opposite side excellent for use in smaller paediatric patients and the sound quality is just as clear as the larger adult side. If you're after a substantial upgrade and want to keep things simple, I would definitely recommend this stethoscope.

My second cardiology IV.

by Dr. Anthont Agdobu on Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

Just what I expected from my Littman following the loss of my old identicle one.Also nice to know the price has not changed much.

A high quality stethoscope in every sense, the sound it picks up is remarkably high quality, a huge difference compared to cheaper models. Very well made with outstanding materials. I imagine this will last me forever, well worth the money

Excellent stethoscope- vast improvement on the classic II that I was using in practice. Would definitely recommend.

Back in 1995, I bought myself a Littmann Cardiology II stethescope with my first wage packet. 22 years later, the rubber ring deteriorated, the whole thing looked a bit tired so I decided to invest in the latest model as there are no longer spares available for the Cardiology II.The Cardiology IV is remarkably similar in design but definitely has the edge in terms of auscultation. This stethoscope is funky in design with a black head and blue tubing. It is quite eye catching which is lovely for the kids. It comes with 2 floating diaphragms, one adult and one kids size. I am a GP so I am using both often. The kids side can easily be changed to a standard bell with the adapter provided. The tubing is about 1cm shorter than the Cardiology II and exactly the same length as a Cardiology III. The head is slightly more compact than the II and it looks smart.As with all the Littmann Stethoscopes, it comes with 3 sets of ear pieces which is really down to personal preference as to whether you choose the sort earpieces (already installed) or change them for the firm rubber ones.The sound is incredible. I have always loved using a Cardiology stethoscope but the IV seems to have upped the bar in terms of sound quality over both the II and III. Heart sounds are clear, breath sounds are loud and there is very little interference from the tubing.Not much more to say. If you are starting out, this is a sound investment. Mine lasted 20 + years. Don't feel you need to be a cardiologist to use this. As a humble GP, I would not be without my Littmann Cardiology and now my Littmann Cardiology IV.

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