Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

Product Name:Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
Brand:Littmann 3M
Warranty:3 Years
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Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, the update on the Classic II S.E., is hugely popular.  The sound quality is crisp and clear due to high acoustic sensitivity in the dual-sided chestpiece.  It can capture both low and high frequency sound with the tunable diaphragm.  The headset is anatomically designed to ensure comfortable wearing as well as noise cancellation.

Features of the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

This is a dependable stethoscope for nurses, doctors, EMTs, and medical students.  You’ll have no problems listening to lung sounds, heart murmurs, and examining any other body system.  It’ll hold up for years of use.

Acoustic Features

Littmann Classic ii StethoscopeBeing able to hear crisp and clean sound is great.  Add the feature of a tunable two-sided chestpiece for low and high frequencies is a fantastic feature.  Hold the chestpiece with light pressure to hear low frequency sounds.  Press alittle more to hear higher frequency sounds.  That’s it!

The ability to listen in difficult environments is good.  Positive reviews are given by Paramedics and EMTs in the field as well as ER Nurses.  Respiratory Therapists say it has good sound qualities too.

If you are looking for the highest quality of listening sound, you should look at the Littmann Cardiology stethoscopes.  Reviewers who want the highest quality and do not mind spending the money do not like this stethoscope.

Tube Length

The tube length is 28 inches.  It is made made to retain it’s shape while remaining flexible.  It’s not made of natural rubber latex, a fabulous feature for those of us that are allergic.  Some reviewers are not happy with the new resilient tubing as they say it may absorb stains and have an oily feel.

Littmann Classic ii StethoscopeWeight

The weight is 11.2 ounces.  Not bad at all.  Here’s the deal.  If you need an even more lightweight stethoscope, this is the one to consider. For an all around good quality stethoscope, this is it.  The weight is noticably lighter compared to the cardiology series, and is one of the lighest Littmann Stethoscopes.


This comes with a 3 year warranty.  The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope parts are very durable.  Almost all the users do not mention having to replace any parts.  Some reviewers replace their original Littmann Classic stethoscope that are over 10 years old.

Ear Tips

It comes with three different style of ear tips.  Most users like the gel style soft ear tips.  These provide good outside noise reduction and a very comfortable wear.  If these don’t work for you, no worries.  There are two other styles to use, just change them out.

Replacement Parts

After a few years the peripheral parts of your stethoscope will start to wear and affect auscultation quality. While the actual stethoscope is still in top condition and will last generations, it’s advised to change parts every 5 years at least. Tiny dents and imperfections on the diaphragms and rubber bands will cause noise artefact and affect the air-tight seal that transmits sound. Changing parts is easy to do at home and the parts are widely available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What styles do these come in?

The most popular style is the Littmann Classic II Stethoscope Black Edition.  The other styles available are brass, machined stainless stell, and smoke-finish. Each style has numerous colors to select from.  The most popular color is the Littmann Classic II Stethoscope Ocean Blue.

2.  Is this Stethoscope a Pediatric one or the Normal one?

This is the ‘normal’ one.  It is intended for adults.  Click here for the pediatric one.

3.  Does the Stethoscope come in all black when you choose the style and what colors can I Pick?

When ordering your stethoscope, first pick the style.  Once you pick the style you want, then pick the color.  Just remember that certain styles do not come in certain colors and vice versa.  Play around until you find the one!

4.  Can I get it engraved?

Some stethoscope vendors will offer engraving, or you can take it to your local jeweler to have engraved.  But, we must stress that engraving your stethoscope will void the Littmann warranty.


Should I Buy the Littmann Classic III Stethoscope?

What’s the bottom line?  If you are working in the general medical field, this is an excellent choice.  For cardiac specialities, you may want this one.  Just remember that this is for adults and not pediatrics.  The overall sound quality, weight, and durability makes it a great buy.


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