Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope Review

Product Name:Littmann Classic II Infant Stethoscope
Weight:3.4 ounces
Length:28 inches
Warranty:3 years
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If you are looking for an infant stethoscope, serious consideration for this one is a must.  The Littmann Infant Stethoscope is specially designed for preemie’s and infants.  For those in the veterinary field, this is also a great option for those small pets as well.

Features of the Littmann Infant Stethoscope

As far as infant stethoscope go, this is one of the most highly recommended around.  It has a two-sided chestpiece that is very small.  The tunable diaphragm is floating while there is an open bell on the other side.  The tube is made from Littmann’s next-generation materials and is not made with natural rubber latex, a fantastic feature for those sensitive to latex.


The sound quality is consistently mentioned among the customer reviews.  In particular, how the small chestpiece is able to hone in on what you are assessing.  A lot of the mentions refer to difficulties in trying to listen lung sounds and you end up getting some heart and bowel sounds mixed in when using a regular or even a pediatric scope.  When they use this one, they are all amazed that when you assess for lung sounds, you get lungs sounds only.  This is due to the small diameter diaphragm.

Littmann Infant StethoscopeThe Classic ii Infant Stethoscope does have a bell on one side.  This allows both low and high frequency sounds to be clearly heard.  Just about all the customer reviews mention that they have no trouble clearly hearing babies heart, breathe sounds, or bowel tones.

Tube Length

The length of the tube is 28 inches.  It’s a good length to work with, not too short.  You shouldn’t have to bend over too much while using it.


At a total weight of 3.4 ounces, this is light in comparison to regular stethoscopes.  Wearing it around your neck shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you have neck injuries or get headaches from a heavier one.


It comes with a 3 year warranty.  A few reviewers mention that the tube gets scratched and scuffed.  If you need to, Littmann Infant Stethoscopes parts are available.  Not many complaints though about parts needing replacement.

Ear Tips

As a Littmann Stethoscope is known for, it comes with the standard three eartip pieces.  Of course the soft sealing ‘rubber’ tips are included.  These do provide an excellent seal to help reduce ambient noise (not like a crying infant wouldn’t be noisy, right!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Classic II Infant Stethoscope1.  What Colors Does This Come In?

Here’s the deal.  You can get this in two chestpiece styles.  Machined stainless steel and Rainbow.  The Littmann Infant Stethoscope colors are black, caribbean blue, orange, peach, raspberry, red, and royal blue.  The Littmann Infant Stethoscope Rainbow style is always a big hit.  Unfortunately, the Littmann Infant Stethoscope Lilac color is no longer available.

2.  What are the dimensions of the chestpiece?

The diameter of the diaphragm is 2.7 cm.  One side has the diaphragm while the other is the bell.  The weight of the chestpiece alone is 1.05 ounces.  Pretty small and light, just what is needed for those tiny patients!

3.  Can You Use It on Small Animals?

Yes.  Want to know the best part?  You’re not alone.  A lot of customers purchase this for their veterinary practice due to it’s small chestpiece size.  The typical veterinary stethoscope heads are too big for your smaller animals like the dragon bearded, canaries, or finches.  It’ll work just the same as if it was specially designed for animals.

4.  What is The Difference Between This and the Pediatric Stethoscope?

You might be wondering… Is there a difference between this stethoscope and the Littmann Pediatric Stethoscope?  The main difference is the size of the chestpiece.  The pediatric version has a diaphragm diameter of 3.3 cm while the infant version has a diaphragm diameter of 2.7 cm.  Numerous users note that this decrease in diaphragm size allows them to hear better with preemie’s and infants vs pediatrics.


Should I Buy the Littmann Infant Stethoscope?

Here’s the deal.  If you are a nurse of doctor that works with preemie’s or infants, this is a great stethoscope.  Let’s not forget about those in the veterinary practice as well for those small animals, this will work perfectly.  If you work with older pediatrics and adults, you don’t need this infant stethoscope.  Don’t worry about the acoustic capabilities, customers rave about the clear and crisp sounds they hear.


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