Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope Review

Product Name:Littmann Master Classic II
Weight:5.7 ounces
Length:27 inches
Warranty:3 years
Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope Review
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This Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope is a high quality all purpose stethoscope.  For those that provide general medical care, this one should be given serious consideration.  The tunable diaphragm is perfect for listening to both low and high frequency sounds.  There is no need to switch from a diaphragm to a bell.

Features of the Littmann Master Classic II

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Black EditionThe ergonomic features of this stethoscope are well documented in reviews.  The ease of use, especially on the chestpiece is often raved about.  It is very comfortable to use.  And there is no messing with a dual diaphragm or bell on the other side.  The tunable diaphragm works very well for low and high frequency sounds.

Acoustic Features

There are hundreds of reviews that mention the great sound quality.  While it doesn’t have the same designs as the Cardiology models, this is one of the best stethoscopes for general medicine field.  You will be able to hear clear and crisp sounds without difficulties.

It is a single sided chestpiece.  The tunable diaphragm is able to pick up the sounds that a bell would.  The means there is no hassle changing back and forth with the diaphragm and bell.  A nice feature.  You won’t have problems hearing murmurs of other serious ailments with this Littmann.

Tube Length

The Littmann Master Classic II tubing is 27 inches long, a good working length.  It’s made from non-latex rubber that is designed to resist stains.  Also, the breakdown from skin oils and alcohol should be minimized increasing the tube lifespan.  Some reviewers do mention that when you first get it, the tube will be sticky.


It weighs in at 5.7 ounces.  Not as light as other general medical purpose scopes but not as heavy as some of the other higher quality stethoscope.  The chestpiece weighs 3.2 ounces.  There are lighter stethoscopes on available if you have neck injuries or get frequent headaches.


Littmann Master Classic IIIt comes with a 3 year warranty.  Not many reviewers mention any issues with their stethoscopes.  The common complaint is about the tube.  When you first get it, it’s sticky to some.  Others, the tube can get stained or go bad after 5+ years.  Taking this into account, you should consider getting a stethoscope cover to help protect the tube.

Ear Tips

As for just about all Littmann stethoscopes, it comes with three ear tips.  These offer a reduction in ambient noise to help hear what you need to.  Most reviewers like the soft sealing gel or ‘rubber’ tips.  But you prefer a more firm seal, they come with those too.  Just change them out and you’re set.

Replacement Parts

After a few years the peripheral parts of your stethoscope will start to wear and affect auscultation quality. While the actual stethoscope is still in top condition and will last generations, it’s advised to change parts every 5 years at least. Tiny dents and imperfections on the diaphragms and rubber bands will cause noise artefact and affect the air-tight seal that transmits sound. Changing parts is easy to do at home and the parts are widely available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What Colors do These Come In?

This model comes in two chestpiece styles, black and plated polished alloy.  The colors available are black, sand, navy blue, purple, burgundy, caribbean blue, hunter green, ceil blue, and pine green.

2.  Can This be Engraved With My Name?

The vendor is not able to engrave your stethoscope.  Most customers take their stethoscope to their local jeweler to have it engraved.  A word of caution, this may void the warranty.  We just want to make you aware of the possibility.

3.  How do I Clean the Back Edition?

To clean your Littmann Master Classic II Black Edition, simply use an alcohol pad to wipe clean.  It’s the same process as any other Littmann stethoscope.

4.  How Does This Compare to Other Littmann Stethoscopes?

The Littmann Master Classic II vs Classic II SE, which one is better?  Excellent question.  The Master Classic II is an upgraded model that has some updated features.  The acoustics and ergonomic designs are considered upgrades over the Classic II SE.  Of course, the Master Classic II costs more.

The Littmann Master Classic II vs Cardiology III, which one should I get?  Good model comparisons.  First, the Littmann Cardiology III is a fantastic cardiology stethoscope.  The Cardiology III will provide superior acoustics and comes with a two sided diaphragm chestpiece.  And of course, it’ll be more expensive for these added features.



Should I Buy the Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope?

You might be wondering, should I get this one or not?  Here’s the deal.  This is a great general purpose stethoscope.  If you are working in speciality medical care such as cardiology, get the Littmann Cardiology III.  You don’t have to spend the extra money to get good sound quality for general patient assessment.  This Master Classic II stethoscopewill do the job.  We’ve read a lot of reviews.  And the Littmann Master Classic II review in our honest opinion is definitely worth considering.


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