Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope Review

Product Name:Littmann Classic II Pediatric Stethoscpoe
Weight:3.8 ounces
Length:28 inches
Warranty:3 years
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The Littmann Pediatric Stethoscope is excellent for those medical professionals working in pediatrics.  With this stethoscope, you will be able to hear just the heart sounds and not the bowel sounds at the same time.  The smaller sized diaphragms perfectly fit the smaller sized patients.

Features of the Littmann Pediatric Stethoscope

Littmann Classic ii Pediatric StethoscopeAcoustic Features

This pediatric stethoscope comes with a two-sided chestpiece.  The smaller 3.3 cm diaphragm is perfect for pediatrics. The other side has an open bell.  This arrangement is fantastic for low and high frequency sounds.

Want to know the best part… Just about every review loves the sound characteristics.  Clear and crisp.  Superb acoustic quality that’ll ensure top-notch care for those little ones.

Tube Length

The tube length is 28 inches.  An inch or two longer than the typical Littmann.  The overwhelming majority of customer reviews enjoy the sound quality through the tube.  Very few mention any defects or damage to the tubes like stains.


At 3.8 ounces, this is pretty light.  Of course the decreased size of the chestpiece as compared to normal stethoscopes helps.  With this low weight, you probably won’t notice it much hanging around your neck.  Great for those of us that have neck issues or get frequent headaches!


This does come with a 3 year warranty.  Numerous reviews hardly mention any problems though.  There are Littmann pediatric stethoscope parts available, so no worries if that’s a concern for you.  Several reviews mention the durability and solid product design.

Ear Tips

As standard with most Littmann’s, it comes with the standard three set.  The majority of reviews enjoy the comfort level that these gel rubber like eartips provide.  These also help reduce ambient noise, like a crying patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Littmann Classic ii Pediatric Stethoscope Rainbow1. What colors are available?

There are two chestpiece styles: machined stainless steel and rainbow.  The machined stainless steel colors are black, carribbean blue, navy blue, orange, peach, pine green, raspberry, red, and royal blue.  The Littmann pediatric stethoscope rainbow color chestpiece only comes in the caribbean blue color.  One of the most common complaints in the reviews is the color that delivered.  Make sure it is selected and matches the description before placing your order.

2.  What’s the Difference Between This and the Infant Stethoscope?

This stethoscope diaphragm sizes are specifically designed for pediatrics.  The Infant stethoscope that Littmann offers has even smaller diaphragms specially designed for infants.  So if you work primarily with preemies and infants, we don’t recommend this stethoscope.  Instead, get the infant.

3.  How Many Ear Tips Come With It?

This comes with three.  There is the typical Littmann soft sealing eartip types.  It also comes with two other styles.  So if you don’t like the soft ones, you can change them out to the ones you like.  A nice added benefit by the manufacturer.

4.  Can I use this on small sized animals?

If you work in the veterinarian field and need a stethoscope for your small animals, this is a good option.  Typical veterinary stethoscopes chestpieces are too big to properly auscultate.  What’s the bottom line… This one will work great on birds, kittens, puppies and those toy dogs!


Should I Buy This Littmann Classic ii Pediatric Stethoscope?

Here’s the kicker…  If you work with pediatrics on a consistent basis, this one is excellent.  While it won’t work well with infants or adults, it isn’t specifically designed for those patients.  It has outstanding sound qualities that are clean and crisp as mentioned in numerous Littmann pediatric stethoscope reviews.  Overall, a great pediatric stethoscope.


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